Why Do I Need A Copywriter

Why Do I need A Copywriter

Why Do I Need A Copywriter?

Copywriters take on the roll of a silent sales person. In fact some have described a copywriter as a salesperson sitting at a keyboard. Unfortunately many business owners do not see the value and importance of professional copywriting, and often attempt to do it themselves or assign it to an unskilled employee who seems to be  “pretty good at writing”.

What happens…

Copywriting gets placed on the back burner, and months later nothing is done. Social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter sit stagnant with no new content. Posts on the blog become outdated, stale, and lost. And when the need to run a promotion, for Christmas, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, or what ever the occasion may be, they reach deep into the archives and use old outdated material which is probably ineffective and a waste of money.

Copywriters do not have to be good at writing…they have to be good at selling! Just like any great sales person, they have to understand the benefits of the product or company they are promoting, its competitive advantage, and know how to put words on paper which evoke emotion, persuade, and ultimate convince the customer to make a purchase.

Copy speaks directly to the targeted customer. It can be delivered in a variety of  forms some of which are website design and content, email autoresponder sequences, marketing material, video scripts, press releases, blog content, promotional items, direct mail, social media posts, and virtually any form of communication directed at the customer.

5 Solid Reasons To Hire A Copywriter

1. You Need Someone Who Understands Copywriting

Good copywriters are highly skilled professionals who possess a specific style of writing which persuades the customer to pull out their credit card and make a purchase. They control your brand by ensuring consistency of every piece of communication seen by the customer. From emails, to letterhead, and brochures to website and social media content. A copywriter should be viewed as a critical member of the sales and marketing team and seen as a trusted adviser.

2. Your Time Should Be Spent Running Your Business

As a business owner, your role is to run the company and ensure its profitability. Your time is best spent managing people, cultivating relationships with clients, and running the business. You are the expert in your field and that’s where your focus should be. If the copier stops working you all a technician. If the toilet plugs, you call a plumber. You don’t fix these things yourself.

The same should be applied to your overall communications strategy. If your marketing efforts are disjointed and not consistent, hire a copywriter – someone with specialized knowledge.

3. You Need A Dedicated Professional

In this day and age, it is absolute vital to consistently produce valuable content on a regular basis. Websites become stale and lost in the search engines rankings if is not fed with fresh content. Customers stop visiting social media properties if it is not consistently updated with new information.

A solid email marketing strategy requires that 2-3 new emails per week be written, sent, and managed. To create and manage this volume of content is a full time job. You as a business owner cannot do it yourself, and it makes no sense to make it a project of an existing employee. Hiring a good freelance copywriter is a cost efficient way to manage these functions.

4. You Don’t Have An SEO Writing Style

You may be an excellent business write and received accolades from your peers for your professional, clear, and concise writing style. That’s great, however, in order for pages and posts on your website to be recognized by Google and other search engines, the content must be written in an SEO friendly manner. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is critical to land on page 1 of the search engines. Most copywriters understand the requirements of search engines, and naturally deliver SEO friendly content when writing for the web.

5. You Need Marketing Consistency

In order to optimize your communication efforts, each marketing element should be consistent and work together to establish your unique brand. The entire marketing mix can be analyzed by a copywriter, and strategically designed to ensure that every dollar spent on marketing is maximized. This includes emails, brochures, flyers, advertising, website and its sale pages, landing pages, funnels, and more.


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