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Our #1 goal is to increase your sales by driving buyer traffic to your website through compelling content.

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Impact Copywriting Group is a full-service Copywriting and Content Management Agency, with expertise in creating compelling copy and content that not only engages the visitor but moves them through a subtle sales process.

Our goal is to increase your sales by driving more website traffic and converting a high percentage of those visitors into buyers.

Our Services

Website Copywriting


Online copywriting is the backbone of our business and is focused on converting visitors into buyers. The content on your website can either skyrocket sales or turn customers away. Online copywriting is a specialized skill, which is much different than writing copy for other media. We take it one step further by ensuring all content written for websites is SEO optimized giving it the best opportunity to rank high in the search engines. READ MORE


Many say that email marketing is a thing of the past, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Email Marketing is the most powerful and cost-effective method of staying in touch with existing customers and generating new leads. We write emails with the goal of maximizing open rate and driving the customer to take action by clicking a link to a sales page, blog post, or order form. READ MORE

Email Copywriting
Home Page


The Home Page is said to be the most important page on a website. It is the page that delivers the first impression and the gateway to the rest of the website. A Home Page visitor must feel confident that they are in the right place and be able to quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Not only do we excel in creating effective Home Page content, but also have the expertise to design and develop a Home Page that converts visitors into buyers. READ MORE


Our professionally crafted landing pages are designed to attract an audience of customers with specific needs. Websites often include many landing pages, each strategically written using keywords and phrases to drive traffic from targeted customers. Landing Pages are written with a narrow focus. The Landing Pages we create are designed to inform the visitor and subtly move them through a sales process getting them one step closer to placing an order. READ MORE

Landing Pages
Sales Page

Sales Pages

The Sales Page is where the prospect is taken to complete the final step of the sales process. Here, the prospect pulls out their credit card, completes the order form, and makes a purchase. The persuasive copy gets to this point, and a carefully crafted Sales Page will close the sale. Our team members have many years of hands-on sales and marketing experience which gives them a competitive edge when crafting effective Sales Pages that convert. READ MORE


The squeeze page commonly referred to as an opt-in page or lead generation page has one goal – to capture at minimum, the name and email address of site visitors in order to build an email list. They are generally short and sweet, providing no other option but to entire the information, or leave. We all know that an email list can be the most important asset to a business, and the most effective of building a qualified list is by an effective squeeze page. READ MORE 

Squeeze Page
Blog Content


A Blog is a valuable element of any website and delivers crucial information to the visitors it attracts. It serves a number of important purposes and requires the skill and expertise of professional copywriters to engage visitors. Blog content must be written with the customer in mind and move them to the next step. Effective Blog Posts will rank high in the search engines and become a tremendous free lead source. READ MORE

Product Descriptions

Online Product Descriptions have 2-3 seconds to convey the benefits of the product and get the visitor to click through and take the next step. It may be to a page with more detailed information, it even an order page. Compelling copywriting can achieve this by stressing the primary benefit. Let our experienced team write compelling product descriptions and see your sales soar. READ MORE

Product Description Copywriting
Marketing Materials


Marketing Materials still play an important role in the marketing strategy of most companies and include items such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, and promotional items. Effective copy ensures that marketing materials complement other marketing efforts by communicating a compelling message. Our team of experts understands the importance of a consistent message across all marketing media and continually strives to do so. READ MORE

Content Management Strategies

A single, well-written piece of content can be highly effective in the short term, however, a well-planned content management strategy will solidify an online presence for many years to come. We create content around keywords for which competitors are ranking and optimize them to outperform. READ MORE

Content Management Strategies
Creating A Lead Machine

Our Content Delivers Qualified Leads

Your website plays a key role in your overall marketing strategy and is the hub of all sales and marketing activities.

And if it doesn’t – IT SHOULD!

Well-written content effectively delivers important information the visitor is seeking,  but also generates qualified sales leads and can close sales. 

Every word we write is focused on capturing attention, engaging visitors, and turning them into buyers. Our landing pages are carefully crafted to move visitors smoothly and subtly through the sales process.

We understand that website visitors love to buy, but don’t like to be sold. And…  The moment they feel discomfort, leave the site, never to return.

As a result, every word and every phrase we create is meticulously chosen to deliver the right message.


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