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Back of everything we do, is the underlying philosophy of “Driving Website Sales With Persuasive Words”.  After all, your website serves a key role in your overall marketing strategy… And if it doesn’t, it should!

Being the hub of your marketing activity, it is vital that your website and its various pages are optimized to rank high in the search engines and deliver the exact information your visitors are looking for. This is where Impact Copywriting can help!

Our Goal Is To Increase Your Sales

Whether writing powerful headlines or sub-headline, a general information page, or an engaging email sequence, our goal is to impact your sales…In a positive way! This does not mean using a hard sell approach, but rather a strategic, persuasive approach, carefully crafted to move visitors smoothly through the sales process.

Website visitors love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. In fact, studies have shown that online purchasers are turned off by a hard-sell approach, and the moment they feel discomfort, leave the site, never to return.

This means that every word and every phrase must be meticulously chosen in order to relay the right message…A message was spoken in the language of the customer. The language used by most companies in describing their products and services is much different than the language used by their customers.

Thorough Research Is Key

In order to properly communicate, it is absolutely critical to understand the terms, expressions, lingo, and jargon used by the customer. Before writing a word of copy, we undertake a thorough research process, which determines the exact message to communicate, and the best way to say it.

In doing so, we look at your entire marketing mix and ensure that there is consistency throughout. We want to be your marketing partner for the long term and be viewed as an integral member of your marketing team. We want to make constructive suggestions and provide input on an ongoing basis. We want to share in your success and be treated as your trusted adviser in all aspects of online marketing. We don’t want to be seen as just another vendor, but we know we will if we don’t deliver results.

The primary focus of Impact Copywriting Group is the development of website copy, however, we recognize that it is important to be able to create copy for offline media such as email marketing sequences, flyers, direct mail pieces, brochures, and more. Each component within the marketing mix must complement the others.

Let’s talk…

Whether you are looking for a quotation, have questions, or want to make a comment, drop us a line by clicking below. We are confident that our expertise will help you increase your sales.

Our Founder

Being an accomplished freelance content creator, and having crafted compelling, copy and other content for the online marketplace for many years, Kelvin Kelvin founded Impact Copywriting Group in 2017.

Kelvin is an internet marketer at heart coupled with many years of prior direct sales and marketing experience. His tremendous understanding of the online and offline sales process, allows him to maximize results for his clients.

Kelvin is a true professional who truly cares about his clients, and is committed to helping grow their businesses prosper, grow, and thrive.


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