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Due to the nature of the copywriting business, and the wide variety of potential projects, it is virtually impossible to publish a price list. We do, however, base our pricing on a per-project basis. What you are quoted is what you pay, unless, of course, the scope of the project changes midstream.

Some copywriters set their pricing based on an hourly rate, or a per-word basis, however, we have chosen not to as the inherent subjectivity often leads to disputes. Our pricing is based in accordance with guidelines set by the American Writes And Artists Inc. (AWAI), as well as the Canadian Professional Writers Association (CPWA).

Our calendar is generally booked up for at least a month. In the event that we accept a rush job, we will charge a premium as we must ask a client to move their deadline. Premiums are generally 20 – 25% of the price quoted.

We are more than willing to provide a price quotation at any time. Please complete the contact form, with details of your project, and we will forward you our pricing.


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