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Landing Pages

Our professionally crafted Landing Pages are designed to attract an audience of customers with specific needs. Websites often include many landing pages, each strategically written using keywords and phrases to drive traffic from different market segments. Landing Pages are written with a narrow focus with a specific audience in mind.

They generally do not appear in the navigation sections of the website and are accessed from internal web pages within the site, or from external sources such as social media ads, banner ads, emails, or pay-per-click advertisements. It is essential that the Landing Page compliment the source from which the visitor arrived and ensure consistency and continuity of the message. A well-SEO-optimized landing page can appear high in the search rankings, and in turn, receive huge amounts of targeted organic traffic.

Landing Pages are often referred to as driver pages or advertorial pages, however, they are more commonly referred to as Pre-sell pages. The Pre-Sell Page is a web page containing story-based copy, which sits between the source of the traffic, such as an online advertisement, email, or social media site, and the Sales Page which sells the product or service, and asks for the order.

The primary reason for a Pre-Sell Page is to warm up cold traffic so that visitors are primed to buy before they ever see the Sales Page. By using a story approach, the prospect is moved into an emotional state which tends to shut down the logical part of the brain and brings up doubts and objections. Essentially, the Pre-sell page shifts the visitor into the right mindset prior to seeing the sales message.

The Pre-sell page is not intended to sell anything or even present a sales message. Its purpose is to use a story-based approach to increase the awareness level of the prospect and move them to the next stage in the sales process. The job of a copywriter is to understand the visitor and determine where they are on the scale of awareness.

If the typical prospect is unaware that they have a problem, the next step may be to take them to another Pre-sell page to further educate them prior to presenting the Sales Page. On the other hand, the problem-aware prospect might be ready for the solution and taken directly to the Sales Page.

Creating a Landing Page or series of Landing Pages that ultimately arrive on a Sales Page is referred to as a Sales Funnel.

Impact Copywriting has the understanding and expertise to carefully craft an effective Sales Funnel. We would love to help.


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