Marketing Materials

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Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials still play an important role in the marketing strategy of most companies and include items such as brochures, flyers, postcards, and promotional items. Effective copy ensures that marketing materials complement other marketing efforts by communicating a compelling message.

Very few businesses operate without some type of printed sales and marketing literature to hand out to prospects and current customers. Brochures and catalogs are used to not only support advertising efforts but also to direct customers to the company website where more in-depth information can be found.

They are used by outbound sales representatives as leave-behinds at face-to-face sales meetings, giveaways at trade shows, or mailed out by inside marketing reps. Their primary purpose is to provide information explaining the essentials of the business, the product line, and company information.

From the point of view of a copywriter, it should do much more than provide a list of facts and features about the products and services. It should sell by using persuasive words which translate the list of facts into tangible benefits. It must provide reasons why the customer should buy the product and give precise instructions as to the next step.

That’s what we can do to optimize your Marketing Materials.


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