Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Copywriting is a specific style of writing which compels, persuades, and convinces existing customers and prospects to purchase your products and services. Copy is written for any communication which reaches your clients or prospective clients. It can include direct mailings, brochures, flyers, marketing materials, scripts for video, website and blog content, emails, and much more.

Absolutely. Website copywriting requires a very specialized skill set over and above other copywriting for print advertising, radio spots, and marketing materials. A website copywriter must understand the structure of websites, the connection of the various websites pages, social media impact, and the metrics which define the target audience.

Whether or not you require the services of a copy writer is your choice. However, if you want to drive visitors to your website, ensure your brand is consistent across all media, and maximize revenues copywriter can certainly help. Click the following link to read more about it.


I have been writing engaging and compelling copy since 2010 with my main expertise being in the online marketplace. My primary focus is creating fresh, new and unique copy which speaks to target audiences through websites, blogs, email sequences, flyers, brochures, press releases and more.

I have experience in crafting persuasive copy in a variety of broad niches including heath, fitness, make money online, relationships, business, and personal development. In addition, I have written compelling short reports, sales letters, press releases, and comprehensive eBooks for Kindle and other print on demand platforms.

Being an internet marketer at heart, I understand what it takes to satisfy the search engines, by writing SEO optimized, and SEO friendly articles and blog posts. I truly care about my client’s businesses and strive to help it grow and prosper.


Of course. Click the link below to be directed to my portfolio of some of my previous work.


Well written copy, by an effective copywriter, should pay for itself many times over in the increase in sales. Due to the wide variety of potential projects for which copywriting can be used, it is difficult to develop a comprehensive price list. We provide a specific quotation on a project by project basis, and do not believe in pricing on an hourly basis.

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Many Copywriters draw a distinct line between Copywriting and Content writing. In actual fact, especially as it pertains to website and online writing as a whole, Copywriting is a form of Content writing. Copywriting is commonly referred to as Direct Response writing, meaning that the copy is written with the goal of persuading the visitor or reader to respond in some way.

Copywriting is generally a little more aggressive and hard hitting, while Content writing tends to be more informative and subtle in its call to action. Desired actions may be as simple as liking on a read more button, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase. 

Every page or post on an optimized website should move the visitor to take some type of action, therefore, most content on a website is designed to move the visitor one step closer to taking an action. In other words, every page has an underlying motive to persuade, and move visitors through the sales process.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to a specific method of writing website pages to ensure that they are search engine friendly and appear on the first page of search results. We use Google as benchmark because it is the most widely used, and ranking high on Google will almost assure a high ranking on the the others such as Bing, Safari, and Duck Duck Go.

More specifically, the goal is to rank in the number 1, 2, or 3 spot in Google. Approximately 33% of all searchers will click on the result in the #1 position, 15% will click on the #2 result, and 9% will click on the result sitting at #3. Approximately 18% will click on the remaining 7 page 1 results, and the final 25% will land somewhere on all the remaining result pages. Therefore, the lower a page ranks, the chances of it being found by website searchers is substantially reduced.

Prior to writing a word of copy or content, we perform thorough keyword research, and determine which words and phrases have the highest search volume with the lowest competition. We then identify related words which we know the search engines will give high value to, and the write keyword optimized copy which will have the greatest probability of landing on  page1.

Yes we do require a deposit. Upon written acceptance of our Proposal to you which outlines the scope of work, start and completion dates, pricing, and other terms and conditions, a deposit in the amount of 50% of the quoted price is required prior to the commencement of work. We accept payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer if available.

Yes. Should you decide that you do not want to proceed with the project after it has commenced, you must advise us in writing and pay a “Cancellation Fee” equal to 75% of the deposit amount you provided at the inception of the project.

For example, if a deposit of $3,250 was provided at the outset, the Cancellation fee would be $2,437.50 (.75 x $3,250).

No. We have found that it is much more effective to provide a quotation based on the size and scope of each project. This way you know exactly what you will be paying at the outset, and will not be hit with unexpected charges when the project is complete.

Absolutely. Our goal is to ensure that you are pleased with the work we provide. You will receive a first, second, and final draft. Should you require additional revisions on the final draft, they will be completed at an hourly rate.
How Do I Get Started?

Yes. In fact, a big part of our success has been our ability to fully understand exactly how a website works, and make recommendations about way to increase its effectiveness and drive more sales.

Prior to undertaking most copywriting projects, we perform a website audit to assist in assessing the scope of work.

Yes we do and are in the process of setting up a sister company called Radstone Digital Marketing. Radstone is a full service online marketing organization, able to optimizing your entire marketing efforts.


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