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Websites are interactive hubs that deliver huge amounts of information to their visitors. Effective websites engage visitors and lead them to the right place as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Every web page must have at least one desired action for the visitor to take, with the goal of moving them closer to making a sale.

Writing copy for websites is much different than writing for conventional media such as print, direct mail, radio, and television. It demands a specialized skill set which exceeds that of traditional copywriting, including an understanding of website structure, keyword research, eye mapping, website analytics, and much more.

Mindset Of A Website Visitor
The main difference stems from the mindset of the website visitor. A typical website visitor is proactive in nature, and when arriving on a website, is generally looking for something specific, with the expectation of taking some kind of action.

Compare this to someone flipping through a magazine and coming across an advertisement. It’s unlikely that the person is specifically looking for an advertisement, and highly probable that they will not read it. If, on the other hand, there is some interest, they may write down the website address for future use or plug it directly into their smartphone.

The point is that the magazine reader is not actively searching for the advertisement, however, the website visitor is actively seeking something specific. It may be product information, a product comparison, a free report, or even to make a purchase.

Rarely do visitors just happen to land on a site. They proactively type a search term into a search engine, click on a link in an email, online ad, social media property, or find the link on some other form of offline media. They generally have a good idea of what they want.

The sad news is, if they feel they are in the wrong place and not finding exactly what they want, they most often leave the site, never to return.

Impact Copywriting Group
At Impact Copywriting Group, we understand website copywriting. We know that websites do not sit in isolation and are connected to external online properties such as social media platforms, other websites, as well as internal pages within the site itself.

We also recognize that in order to drive website sales for our clients, we must be experts in all aspects of online marketing. We are more than just copywriters. We understand the underlying mechanics of how a website should function, and work closely with web designers to provide expert advice.

Before writing a word of copy, we go to great lengths to understand the target customer, in order to carefully craft every word and every phrase to properly position the product and ensure a positive user experience. Visitors generally want to buy, but don’t want to be sold. We write our copy and organize the website in such a way that the visitor is led through a series of mini-commitments that encourage them to say Yes!

The progression looks something like this…

• Yes! I think this site will help me…
• Yes! I’m confident that I will find what I am looking for…
• Yes! I feel comfortable sticking around on the site…
• Yes! I trust this site enough to provide credit card information…
• Yes! I’m ready to complete my purchase…

This approach helps move the visitor through the sales process in a non-threatening way. Website visitors don’t like to be pressured, and research shows that most visitors will leave the website at the first sign of discomfort.

SEO Copywriting
In addition to writing copy to attract the target customer, we also design our content to satisfy the search engines. The is commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization Copywriting or simply SEO Copywriting. Websites don’t rank in the search engines, but Web Pages do. Every page we write is focused on targeting one keyword, a word that will attract one target audience. Our goal is to have the majority of pages on a website land on the first page of Google and in one of the top 3 spots.

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