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 Product Descriptions

Online Product Descriptions have 2-3 seconds to convey the benefits of the product and get the visitor to click through and take the next step. It may be to a page with more detailed information, it even an order page. Compelling copywriting can achieve this by stressing the primary benefit.

Often companies will use the 40 or 50 words allocated to a product description to pack in as many product features as they can. Focusing on the main benefit of the product triggers an emotional appeal as it tells the visitor what the product will do for them as opposed to product attributes which might not be important. After reading the Product Description, the visitor should have the desire to read more.

The online e-commerce industry is becoming highly competitive making it more important to have properly written product descriptions. A good copywriter will understand the target audience and tailor the copy appeal to their needs. Creating a compelling headline, benefit-oriented text area, and a firm call to action, all packed into a few short words, takes skill and expertise.


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