Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

The key to delivering effective copy is gathering proper information to work with. Although we undertake extensive research, you as a customer must get involved at the outset and throughout the project to provide the information necessary to maximize results. Our goal is to generate sales for you, by writing persuasive words which convey a targeted message.

To do so, we must have fully understood your company culture, mission and vision, goals, marketing objectives, history, product information, past marketing successes, competitive advantages, target market and any demographic information available, and more. More importantly, we must have a clear understanding of your expectations including the scope of the project, what you are trying to achieve, my latitude in making decisions, and the expected timeline. 

Copywriting projects vary in size and scope, therefore each project is unique. Naturally, if we are required to do a re-write of a one-page corporate brochure, versus an entire revamping of a 100-page website, the informational requirements will be much less. We try to stick to the following plan for most of the projects:

Understanding The Project (Short Questionnaire)

The intent here is to get a clear understanding of the project and define exactly what will be required of me. Generally, I will send by email a short questionnaire to be completed and sent back. Some of the information includes type of copy, length of copy, number of pages required, time frame, and so on. After reviewing, I may request further discussion and clarification by email, Skype, or telephone.


After reviewing the initial questionnaire, I will generate a proposal that will include a breakdown of tasks, pricing for each, and recommendations. It will also include the number of included revisions, meetings, and other incidentals included, as well as pricing for overages.

Letter of Understanding

Upon acceptance of the proposal, I will generate a Letter of understanding to be signed and emailed back. In addition, I require 50% of the project fee to be sent via PayPal or Electronics Funds Transfer prior to beginning the work.

Digging Deeper (Long Form Questionnaire)

This is the beginning of the research phase, and as I mentioned earlier, is the basis of delivering a premium copywriting product – one that compels, engages, and converts into sales. Based on the size, type, and scope of the project, I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire, and informational requests, tailored to the specific requirements of the project. This will provide me with the necessary information to continue researching and ultimately deliver laser-targeted copy on time.


Here is where the rubber meets the road, and I get thoughts down on paper. Depending on what we agreed to in our Letter of Understanding, I may supply you with my work at pre-defined intervals to ensure that I am on the right track. Setting milestones within the project, also helps me stay on schedule.

First, Second, and Final Draft

Pricing includes a first, second, and final draft, each with pre-determined time frames to approve or request revisions. This allows for revisions to be made after the first and second drafts. Additional revisions will be billed at an hourly rate.

Final Payment

Upon acceptance of the final draft, I will generate an invoice for the remaining balance which is payable upon receipt.

Project Review

Approximately 3 months after the project completion date, I request a review in order to discuss the results of the project, as well as to determine whether we can enhance the work we have completed.


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