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Squeeze Page CopywritingSqueeze Pages

The squeeze page commonly referred to as an opt-in page or lead generation page has one goal – to capture the name and email addresses of site visitors in order to build an email list. In some cases, more information is captured, and in other cases less. The amount of information depends upon the type of product being sold.

Squeeze pages are generally short, and simple, and provide no option but to enter the information, or leave. They are highly focused and free of distractions. The squeeze page is a variation of a Landing Page, with visitors reaching it from an online advertisement, email, social media site, or somewhere within the site itself.

As simple as a Squeeze Page appears, its design requires tremendous attention to detail. Each element which includes the headline, copy text comprised of short sentences and bullet points, image, an optional video, and an opt-in box, must be carefully crafted to grab attention, hold the reader’s interest, and get them to complete the opt-in details.

In return for providing personal information, the visitor is offered free information which can take the form of a special report, eBook, video training course, and much more. Impact Copywriting can help with generating ideas and creating the giveaway.

An email list is vital for any company doing any type of business online in order to maximize their sales in a cost-effective manner. Some organizations attribute as much as 100% of revenues to their email list and estimate the value of each customer as high as $100 per month. With a solid email marketing strategy in place, prospects on a mailing list they can be marketed to for many years to come.

Numerous versions of the Squeeze Page are created in order to test, optimize, and find the one which converts the best. Initially, 2-4 different squeeze pages are created and published. Once the best-performing squeeze page is identified, testing continues by changing one element at a time which may include the heading, color scheme, position of the opt-in box, or any of a number of different elements. Once we find the optimal version, we run with it.


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