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Sales Page Copywriting

 Sales Page Copywriting

The Sales Page is where your customer is taken to complete the final step of the sales process. It is here where the prospect pulls out their credit card, completes the order form, makes a purchase. Well-written copy will get the prospect to this point, and a carefully crafted Sales Page will close the sale.

Unlike a face-to-face sales situation, we don’t have the luxury of asking the prospect questions, seeing their body language, answering objections, and steering them to a closing statement. We do, however, have a number of research tools available to us which allow us to anticipate potential questions, objections, and concerns. We then answer those questions in the body text and deliver the exact information the prospect is looking for.

As with other web pages, we invest time to fully understand the prospective audience. We need to know the source they arrived from. Was it a link in an email, a pay-per-click marketing campaign, a social media property, or an internal page within the site? Further, we need to know what words they used to find the page, and the exact lingo and jargon they commonly use. Only then can we effectively write the sales page and smoothly move them to placing an order.

Each element of the sales page must be carefully crafted, looking at it through the eyes of the prospect. We pay attention to the headline, sub-headlines, images, body text, and order section to ensure that no potential question goes unanswered, leading to a positive experience. If the visitor feels rushed or pressured, leave will leave without placing an order.

Although we are not web designers, we work well with them. We understand how a website works and can make professional recommendations on the most effective layout formats. 

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